The Gift of Spiritual Direction: Nurturing the Divine Connection

Michel de Nostredame (1503 – sixty six),Guest Posting popularly known as Nostradamus, become one of the global’s maximum famous seers. His prophecies, 500 years into his destiny and into our modern-day times have captivated the complete international. The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) conducted spiritual research on the non secular lifestyles of Nostradamus that contributed to his tremendous present. The contents of this newsletter had been received thru the medium of a sophisticated sixth feel (ESP).

In all instances wherein a person has psychic competencies or is able to inspect the future, it’s miles generally a present because of beyond-delivery spiritual practice. How we use this gift can influence our spiritual journey and the location we go to after death.

Spiritual studies at the motives for Nostradamus’ gift

Before his existence on Earth, he had spiritual director completed religious exercise in the subtle area of Heaven (Swargaloka). Because of this religious practice, Nostradamus acquired styles of supernatural powers:

1. Supernatural energy of imaginative and prescient i.E. He should see visions of what became to show up within the future.

Supernatural strength of speech i.E. He may want to verbalise what became seen or heard via the diffused and it’d come genuine.
Spiritual studies on the cause for Nostradamus’ start
People who have supernatural powers usually tend to use them for worldly motives either for self or for society. According to Spiritual science, use of supernatural powers to orchestrate any fulfilment of worldly goals for people or to benefit recognition could have negative effects at the man or woman’s religious growth. It is because of this that people who’ve supernatural powers are cautioned to use their powers for his or her in addition non secular exercise closer to God-realisation and only beneath the steerage of a spiritually advanced guide (Guru). A Guru directs the pupil to utilise his non secular powers toward realising God.

Nostradamus had to be born on Earth to rid himself of the sway/maintain that his supernatural powers had over him. His religious goal was to reap steerage approximately practicing Spirituality to preserve his onward non secular journey into the similarly high-quality areas.

Spiritual research on the life of Nostradamus from a spiritual angle

Through the medium of his supernatural powers, Nostradamus made many accurate predictions. Many instances, he would clearly pay attention or see the destiny via the medium of sound or visions. In the beginning of his profession, 3 divine beings from the higher diffused areas would manual him. They did this via the medium of Nostradamus’ supernatural energy of imaginative and prescient.

Over the years, Nostradamus have become over formidable and invested numerous time in his gift of seeing the destiny. He might acquire earlier intimation of many activities via his divine supernatural powers. As he could reveal what he saw, humans could come to know of destiny perils and take measures to guard themselves towards them. This infuriated the ghosts, as their plans to create issues for human beings might be foiled.